The Art and the process of the actors work. On stage.
In connection with important texts and provocative roles.
The process of the metamorphosis.
Imagination and sensibility running through the texts of the great writers
but also in analogy with the new methods upon the actors art.
With time-tested teachers, step by step until creativity and inspiration
find ways to reveal and expose themselves on stage.
With classes that are far away from cliches, dried-out stereotypes.
A factory of expression and creativity.
In an atmosphere of real rehearsal the students collaboratively prepare performances.
They do not go through examinations where one will “pass” or one will “stay behind”.
They do not compete with each other.
With collaborative work the students present to the audience performances that represent their work.
The student is an actor, the teacher is a director and all together they aim to the high quality level of their performance created upon their fertile ground of collaboration.