The Center of Higher education in theater Studies had made successful proposals funded by the European Union and from Culture program.

The project THALASSA OF MYTHS began in 2008 and ended 2010. Succesfully  realizing all goals, presenting five different shows and organizing two festivals in Athens (theater TOPOS ALLOU ) and Brescia in an old traditional printing factory next to Lake Garda. Thalassa of myths project investigated the oral storytelling tradition and folk tales of  Italy , Greece, Bulgaria and Romania with corresponding partner from the above countries . Coordinator and leader was the Center of Higher education in theater Studies.

In the second program entitled ANCIENT PATHOS (2011-Coordinator) Center was again leader together with TOPOS ALLOU theatre. Subject of this project was the Ancient tragedy. Partners were AIDA Fondasione ( Italy), TAASTRUP Theater ( Denmark ) and Municipality of Atarfe ( Spain ). Performances , workshops, lectures and publications carried out within two years. The last performance was at the Verona Patio of Lapidario museum in the historic center of Verona. Actors played among real authentic ancient and Roman ruins.

2016-2018 CREATIVE EUROPE program (Coordinator)
FAIDRA project. Performances, workshops, lectures based on Family Separation through Immigration: Dramatising Anecdotal European History in the frame of Creative Europe program of EU.
Cooperation of TOPOS ALLOU-AEROPLIO theatre with CENTRE OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN THEATRE STUDIES and another 6 partners.  

2016-2018 ERASMUS+ program (Coordinator)
CREATIVE LEARNING project. A new innovative pedagogical and teaching method where a teacher can use theater techniques in order to teach his lessons in the classroom. Cooperation of TOPOS ALLOU-AEROPLIO theatre, CENTRE OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN THEATRE STUDIES with a partnership of  5 partners.

2017-2019 SEDIN PROJECT Social inclusion through education, training and youth (ERASMUS+)  (Partner)
The Creative learning method implemented on classrooms with mixed students. Refugee children face difficulties in adapting in the school environment of the host countries because of the difficulties they have with the language, the different cultural background but, mainly, because of the difficult experiences that they have faced on the way to the host countries.

2018-2020 EAR-Forming active European Citizens through the dialectical method and theater ERASMUS+  (Partner)
The process of European integration has been based on key values such as peace, democracy, freedom and tolerance. However, these values are currently in risk because of socio-economic problems, violent extremism and a lack of trust in democratic processes. The role of education and training, and more specifically citizenship education is very important in addressing these challenges. However, citizenship education in Europe is usually limited in scope and in the approach and cannot provide to the students a full ownership of the democratic values in which our societies are based.