youthinactionThe Centre of Theatre Studies aspires to be a space of Free expression far from stereotypes and official Cubiculum’s forced by some Ministry.
Therefore from the very start it directed its interest to all the new artistic horizons of Europe. Chances of Expression and Creation.
Having plans to realize new ideas in the field of Theatre and Education the Centre submitted projects (CLEAR, SCOUT, RUTH BERLAU PROJECT, NEW LIFE MAPS) to the European Community which where successful.
The first projects realised by the Centre was with the Support of the General Direction of Youth. Three projects were realised directed to young new actors and their practice in Forms of Popular theatre.
The success of these projects opened new ways for larger European Projects and achievements. 2016-2018 is a two year period that we also have significant European projects to implement. (Visit FAIDRA project and CREATIVE LEARNING project by clicking the banners below).